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Director & Writer

Richie goes with a woman to a motel to spend the night. He doesn't mention that he's also there to meet up with some associates for a drug deal. Both affairs go off without a hitch until Richie meets an alluring stranger.

Written & Directed by: Michael Deigh
Produced by: Rita Josephine

John Halas
Eve Danzeisen
Anna Lakomy
Mark Parker
Max Celestin
Jacob Berger

A VERY special thanks to all of those who have contributed to the film! You were a huge part of making this film happen!

Joan Ehrlich
Robert Deigh
Ellen Honey
Ira Ehrlich
Mark Loehr
Danielle Durkin
Diane Zabiela
Sheryl Anderman
Wayne Anderman
Caitlin Betz
Nicholas Mountjoy
Mary Betz
John Betz
Stan Crock
Pam Brown
Maureen Church
Jack Goldin
Myriam Golden
Lauren Deigh
Larry Deigh
Beverly Welch