Nick, a young artist living in New York City, struggles with failure and obscurity. A small lie makes him a celebrity overnight, but Nick soon realizes that his tiny fib comes with a large price tag. 

Created by: Aleks Arcabascio, Jeremy Boros, and Michael Deigh
Director of Photography: Alexander Crowe
Co-Producer: Jerry Brown Jr. 


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WINNER OF 2015 SPECIAL FESTVIAL PRIZE - Raindance Web Fest, London

"While a 15-second format also presented huge challenges, [the filmmakers] were able to create entertaining episodes with a beginning, middle and abrupt cliffhanger endings that leave the viewer laughing and wanting to know what happens next." 

“There’s an Instagram 'television series' — and it’s about artists and the art world. It’s pretty funny.”

"We highlighted the forward-looking comedians of Artistically Challenged, whose new 15-second “television” show is changing the medium of Instagram and Vine.
“Artistically Challenged moves as fast as possible without leaving the viewer behind. It’s a daring, experimental strategy, and in this case, it has paid off.”

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